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Who Am I?

I am a Microsoft Certified IT Manager. I had a full time job at a network consulting firm in my “previous life”. As soon as I had my first child in 2005 I left the corporate world to become a full time Mommy. My husband and I moved to Utah from Southern California so we could afford to have me stay at home and take care of our growing family. Going from being on and fixing computers all day to being a stay at home mom, I knew that I needed something a bit more. I wanted to get my 6 month old daughter on a set daily routine, but couldn’t find any software that could fit the bill to help me get my home organized, so I decided to create it. Daily Home Planner was officially launched in September of 2007. In an effort to get traffic and exposure to my newly created software, I started the Organized Mom blog. The more articles I wrote, the more I really enjoyed this part of my new business, and it really started to increase in popularity. Before long I was the top search result on Google for Organized Mom, and sales for the software were going great! I have appeared on Studio 5 on KSL several times and love to share what I know! I also works from home part time for a company in California running a help desk for their clients. I answer calls and fix computers and servers, while taking care of 4 year old Maddie and 10 month old Michael. Family and friends continued to call me and ask the same questions about technology, so I decided to start a second blog called Technology for Mommies to help every day Mom’s and Dad’s learn more about how to use/fix and enjoy technology. I love technology and love using technology to help be organized and generally to help make life easier. You can usually find me behind my Dell laptop with a baby sitting on my lap, or waiting to pick up my daughter from preschool while tweeting from my Palm Pre.